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Passions: Parenting & Finance

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

There are 2 things that I love that are absolutely essential to life is my Love for Parenting and Finance!! Over the past few yrs of learning how to navigate the maze of single parenting, I learned eventually that the things that were important to me b4 becoming a Mami, were just as important to me after I became one. The challenge was realizing that they were missing from my life as it slowly started to stack back up and feel like it was in order again.

As you evolve in your parenting, know that there are certain aspects of yourself that you have to give up naturally. However, there are also certain core things that you will never have to change. You can share them with your children as they grow and instill the importance for having passion in something. You will get so much joy from watching your kid at Hip Hop Dance Festival Break Dancin' and think to your self, "Wow, I taught him/her the first Pop Lock Combo to my kid...Pretty Amazing!"

My question to you, is what have you been passionate about previously? Recognize those things and incorporate them into your parenting. It will make you & your family extremely happy:-)!



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